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About us

About us

Hridaya is a Sanskrit word; it means heart; it represents our goal, we work with heart to produce healthy food for our customers.


It all started in 2014 after many years of living in the capital; we decided to start a new life to grow our own healthy food and return to nature. After years, facing various challenges, by 2019, our pesticide-free organic farming became so successful we were able to sell our ingredients and finished products.


Our artisan manufactured products are free of colourants, additives and preservatives. Our whole product range is vegetarian, includes some vegan, lactose-free and also are available in gluten-free version.


Hridaya is well known for its quick instant soups, on-the-go porridges, 100% fruit jams (no added sugar or sweetener), dried tomatoes, condiments, dried fruits: all which are high-quality products. Also, our seasonal fruits and vegetables are for purchase.


We manage our farm with zero-waste farming, the package of our products are 90% biodegradable or recyclable.



Hridaya: the word of the heart, the soul of the earth.